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Kan, Kan
Been practicing for the basketball team. I don't like it as much as soccer, can't...you know, get away with knocking people over, but I don't seem to be doing too badly at it.

Rooming with my brother is almost like rooming alone.

And Naruto. I don't even know what to say do you. :P

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Yeah...whats with the 'working with Gaara' bit? Who the hell pairs up brothers anyway? ...Well I guess we are most likely rooming together too...so. *shrugs*

...Whatever. Did a meme to distract me.

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Heh. Tenten has one hell of a shot. I'm glad I'm on her side and not on the side of the geese and ducks. It is hilarious to see geese sqwack when you pelt them with things.

Ah, good time it was.

Hmm~I should make an effort to harass Temari again. She'd like that. XDDD >D That is unless she got that dog she said she was getting. :(

Hmmm. I do not have a roommate yet. :O Pity. Not really!

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Today I am kidnapping Tenten whether she likes it or not. ^___^ If you wish to see her again, please send me money. Kidding, though I really am stealing her. >D I hope you don't mind, Tenten. ^^
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Kiba, you shut up. ♥

I win.

...Man, nothing exciting is happening.
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I don't have a roommate yet. Hah. Who cares...:D A room to myself? Yeah...it is nice to stretch out over the beds and leave shit on the floor. >D Could never do that at home. Damn sister wouldn't let me. :)

And I think I 'm going to join the basketball team...o.o; They could always use someone a little tall on their side, I'm thinking. I'm taller than Uzumaki by far... It could be...fun.

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So...I'm at school. ^___^ How is everyone? :D
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