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Kan, Kan

Sabakuno Kankuro

## S A B A K U N O K A N K U R O ##
+ Year +
+ Age +
+ Birthday +
May 15, 1989
+ Sexuality +
+ Origin +
+ Family +
--Sabakuno Temari - Sister/Older
--Sabakuno Gaara - Brother/Younger
--Yashamaru - Uncle
--Sabakuno Nakago - Father/Deceased
--Sabakuno Karura - Mother/Deceased
+ Hobbies +
Puppets, drawing
+ Music +
James Blunt, The Fray, The Killers
+ Likes +
fighting, his sister, his brother, being away from home, soccer, competition, martial arts, kabuki, cats
+ Dislikes +
school in general, people who think he is belligerent', his father, his uncle, being stepped on, dogs, liars
+ Aspirations +
Meet some new people
Find a romance, he hopes
Get reconnected with Keiji
+ Roommate +
+ School +

## A P P E A R A N C E ##
Standing over five foot, five inches and weighing over one-hundred twenty pounds can make Kankuro seem a bit intimidating. He's well built with muscle and is about as strong as he looks. He has dark hair and dark eyes, and slightly tanned skin. He wears normal clothes. While he finds the most comfort in his black sweats pajamas, he'll wear other things. He likes jeans and t-shirts a lot. He is always seen wearing his cat-like hat (despite being picked on about it), and often wears his makeup. Teachers basically gave up trying to get him to stop wearing it...since he rebels against it so much. He's also seen wearing soccer uniforms. He doesn't care much about how he looks and will often let his hair go unbrushed.

## P E R S O N A L I T Y ##
While he used to have anger management issues, he has taken care of a lot of that. When he was fourteen, he ended up taking classes to remedy those, and as long as he gets an occasional spar, he won't get as pissed off at people as he used to. Kankuro is a nice guy, a bit overprotective over his siblings (including Temari) and friends, but he only does it because he cares. Despite that he's a nice guy and generally polite, Kankuro has a hard time socializing with people because he didn't do much of it when he was younger. Because people found him to be odd, he learned how to entertain himself. He's setting goals to learn how to socialize more and get along with as many people as possible.

Kankuro is generally calm unless someone gets him riled up then he can be extremely expressive on his emotions, and he's likely to express them all over someone's face, too. The only emotion he really shows is anger, though, and isn't afraid to speak up about it. He's not afraid of who he is at all, either. He may seem at times almost timid, but that is because of the physical abuse he and his siblings withstood in the past.

## H I S T O R Y ##
Kankuro was born and raised like a middle child -- ignored. When he was first born, Sabakuno Nakago was proud to have him because he was, in fact, a male child -- and his first. However, just a year later Gaara was born, and their mother killed herself within a couple month's time. He was raised to believe that she died giving birth to Gaara, but found out, through Yashamaru that this was a lie he had been told his entire life, and eventually he became extremely bitter towards his father for having told him this his entire life. When he was 11, his father took the position of Mayor of Suna, and the three children became extremely spoiled. Although Nakago tried very hard to control the three of them.

He frequently resorted to physical and emotional abuse of the kids, which for Kankuro specifically led to him being timid and aggressive towards those younger and weaker than him mostly because he finds that those are people who make him feel a bit stronger (at least it was like this until he went into an anger management course). Yashamaru was no different towards him then the father was. The most infamous injury Kankuro has is a split lip from when his father pulled out his lip ring. Because of this, he hates being over powered by other people, and he hates showing weakness towards others and he will always appear to be strong...or angry.

He came to Konoha High in hopes of getting away from home and so far it has been a success. When he started there as a freshmen, there was a hope for him to be involved in a romantic relationship with someone in particular, but it quickly fell apart and collapsed when he learned that it would have to be kept secret from his father, who...most certainly would not have approved of the relationship. The father of the siblings died somewhat recently, and they are currently under the guardianship of their possessive, and mentally imbalanced Uncle -- Yashamaru, which Kankuro does not approve of. He can't wait to turn 18 to escape from it.

## N O T E S ##
Bet you'd never guess this lovable guy was afraid of dogs. He's a romantic at heart, though he'll deny it until he dies. He can not stand being disrespected. To him, being disrespected is equivalent to murder. He absolutely fears Gaara...and thinks that there's some things seriously wrong with his younger brother -- though part of him wants to run and hide, the other part wants to help and make it heal.

+ Player + the_betrayer
+ Model + Tetsu of L'Arc~en~Ciel